A.I. Levorsen Award - Best Oral Presentation (AAPG)

About the Award

The A.I. Levorsen Memorial Award was established as a result of contributions from many individuals and societies who wished to contribute a lasting memorial to Dr. A.I. Levorsen. A plaque is given at the section meetings of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists for the best paper, with particular emphasis on creative thinking toward new ideas in exploration.

Previous Winners


A. I. Levorsen Award is not awarded for meetings held in conjunction with the ACE AAPG meeting.


Mark A. Millard (Speaker), SM Energy, and Timothy E. Ruble, Weatherford Labs, for the presentation Utilizing Hydrocarbon Yield Determinations to Evaluate Source/Reservoir Relationships in the Bakken/Three Forks of the Williston Basin, ND.


2013 award presented in 2014 to Robert L. Baskin by AAPG President Randi Martinsen. Robert L. Baskin, University of Utah Baskin, Microbialite Distribution in a Lacustrine Rift Basin, Great Salt Lake, Utah


Timothy Nesheim (speaker) and Stephen Nordeng, North Dakota Geological Survey, for the presentation “Examination of Source Rocks within the Tyler Formation (Pennsylvanian), North Dakota”.

2012 Award presented in 2013 to Timothy Nesheim, by RMSAAPG President Michael Vandenberg.


Charles E. Bartberger, Questar E and P, Denver, Colorado and  Ira Pasternack, Encana Oil and Gas (USA) Inc., Denver, Colorado for the Presentation:  Spontaneous Potential, Keys to Understanding Continuous and Conventional Gas in Upper Cretaceous Sandstones, Deep Eastern Greater Green River Basin, Southwest Wyoming.


Rex D. Cole, Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences, Mesa State College, Grand Junction, CO and Matthew J. Pranter, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO for the paper title: Stratigraphic variability of sandstone-body dimensions in the Williams Fork Formation: Outcrop data from the southwest Piceance Basin, Colorado


Vincent G. Rigatti of Questar Exploration and Production and co-authors Tony LeFevre, Richard Newhart, Kimberly Kaiser, Scott Goodwin all also of Questar Exploration and Production and Robert Parney of Tricon Geophysics Inc. for the paper titled The Vermillion Basin of SW Wyoming/NW Colorado: Structural Styles and Seismic Pore Pressure Prediction Through Over-Pressure


Geoffrey Thyne: Evaluation of Potential Impacts to Water Resources from Petroleum, Grand Mesa, Colorado


Glen Ulrich, Roland DeBruyn and Mark Finkelstein


Robert A. Lamarre and Stephen K. Ruhl


David R. Pyles


Peter Hennings and Laird B. Thompson

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