RMS-AAPG Distinguished Service Award

About the Award

The Distinguished Service Award is presented to members who have distinguished themselves in singular and beneficial long-term service to RMS-AAPG, with emphasis on long-term and at the same time, meaningful service to the Association.

Previous Winners


Jerry Walker has been a remarkable champion of the Rocky Mountain Section of AAPG throughout his career. He has always been one to roll up his sleeves and help, most notably co-chairing two RMS meetings, a most successful meeting in Jackson Hole in 2005 and our first joint section meeting with the Pacific Section in Las Vegas in 2016. Jerry 'owned' these meetings, putting in tremendous hours to make sure they were as successful as possible. And as a past chair, Jerry has been a source of guidance and support for all RMS members who have run or worked on annual section meetings. Jerry is considered by many the 'de facto' oil and gas geologist for the State of Nevada, and as such he has published many papers and has been a frequent presenter at Rocky Mountain Section meetings. In addition, Jerry has been a long standing AAPG House of Delegate member, representing the Nevada Petroleum and Geothermal Society. Jerry has also been a valued Director of the Rocky Mountain Section Foundation serving the Foundation for 16 years. As a Director, he is forward thinking and always considers what is best for our Section's members and students. Jerry is certainly deserving of the 2018 RMS-AAPG Distinguished Service Award.


Over his career, Robert (Bob) Schalla has had both direct and indirect involvement with new field discoveries and successful exploitation projects all across the US. In addition to his day-to-day work in the oil industry, Bob’s dedication to geology is further evidenced by well over 15 peer-reviewed publications from West Virginia to Nevada to the Montana Disturbed Belt. His is also more than willing to help with the less exciting aspects of advancing our science. Bob has donated innumerable hours of service as co-editor of several geology guidebooks, and as Chairman for the 2017 Rocky Mountain Sectional Meeting of the AAPG. Need help? Ask Bob. What mineral is this? Ask Bob. Successful exploration? Ask Bob. Bob is a geologist, through and through. He is generous with his time and his knowledge and his wisdom. His passion for geology mirrors the works of Louis Agassiz: "The world is the geology’s great puzzle-box; he stands before it like the child to whom the separate pieces of his puzzle remain a mystery till he detects their relation and sees where they fit, and then his fragments grow at once into a connected picture beneath his hand.”


Donna S. Anderson, in recognition of her many years of service in support of the Rocky Mountain Section of AAPG. Donna has served the geologic community and the Rocky Mountain Section in particular with her active service over many years. She served every office of the Rocky Mountain Section serving as President in 2004-2005, overlapping her tenure as President of the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists (RMAG). She also co-chaired the RMS meeting in 2008, was technical co-chair of the RMS meeting in 2014 and has served as the RMS's liaison to the AAPG executive board. AAPG has also benefitted from Donna's expertise and enthusiasm when she was the technical co-chair for the 2015 ACE held in Denver. In addition, she has served on the boards of the Energy Minerals Division, Division of Professional Affairs and the House of Delegates. Donna has a very strong ethic of giving back to her community, whether it's her local neighbors or her geologic colleagues. She has always had an attitude that you get back five-fold what you put into an organization. Along with her service, she brings an outlook of calm, optimism and practicality even when the situation is difficult. The Rocky Mountain Section of AAPG is honored to award Donna S. Anderson its Distinguished Service Award.


Dr. Steven Schamel (GEOX Consulting, Inc.) epitomizes what service is all about. He is presently ending his term as chair of the AAPG's Sections Committee where he instituted a communication system which has led to better collaboration between and improvement of the domestic sections within AAPG, including the Rocky Mountain Section. He also chairs the Energy Minerals Division's Oil Sands Committee. Previously, Dr. Schamel has served the Rocky Mountain Section and the profession in numerous capacities including President of the RMS-AAPG in 2006 - 2007. In addition to his contributions to the AAPG and to the Section, he was President of the Utah Geological Association from 2010 - 2011 and Chairman of the Society of Petroleum Engineers Salt Lake Petroleum Section from 2001 - 2002. As history shows, no matter the entity Dr. Schamel serves, he always strives to form a collaboration of stakeholders with an eye to increase the value of the association to its members.

Sue Cluff presents award to Steve Shamel.


Dr. Edward D. Dolly for his dedication to all of the members from all of the affiliated societies within the Section while serving as an officer and then RMS Advisory Council Representative to the AAPG.
Dr. Edward D. Dolly presented by RMS-AAPG President Elmo Brown.


Louis C. Bortz – long time RMS-AAPG member and Secretary/Treasurer of the RMS-AAPG Foundation
2013 Award - Louis C. Bortz presented by RMSAAPG President Michael Vandenberg

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