Steve Champlin Memorial Award - Best Poster Presentation (WGA)

About the Award

The Wyoming Geological Association sponsors the Steve Champlin Memorial Best Poster Award, which is presented to the poster author receiving the highest score at the annual Rocky Mountain Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists annual meeting. This award was created to encourage poster authors to strive for excellence in their presentations and to foster the one-on-one discussions of geology for which Steve Champlin was well know. First created in 1986, it is hoped that this award will carry on Steve’s spirit of friendly cooperation for the exploration of our natural resources.

All divisions of the RMS-AAPG, EMD, DEG, and SEPM are eligible for this award, and a plaque will be presented to the winner or to the senior author in case of multiple authors. The only restriction is that the display and the oral presentation must not be part of a professional presentation that is for sale or is part of a sales presentation. The award is for scientific endeavor, and for the courage to display a new concept before your peers and to defend that concept under their scrutiny.

Previous Winners


 Steve Champlin Memorial Award is not awarded for meetings held in conjunction with the ACE AAPG meeting.


Kevin H. Smith, Richard J. Bottjer, Robert A. Sterling, all of Cirque Resources, Henry C. Nowak, and Daniel R. Wheat, both of Noble Energy, for the poster Reservoir Characteristics of the Codell Sandstone Tight Oil Play, Northern DJ Basin, Wyoming and Colorado: Extension of Wattenberg into the Oil Window.


2013 award presented in 2014 to S. Robert Bereskin by WGA President Julie Lemaster. S. Robert Bereskin, Bereskin and Associates Inc; S. Robert Bereskin, Thomas C. Chidsey, Craig D. Morgan, John McLennan, Hydrocarbon Potential of the Chainman Shale, Western Utah


Edmund ‘Gus’ Gustason, Enerplus Resources, and Matthew Prather, University of Colorado, Boulder; “ Integrated characterization and modeling of reservoir lithofacies and reserves of the Sussex Sandstone, House Creek North area, Power River Basin, Wyoming”.

2012 Award presented in 2013 to Edmund “Gus” Gustason, by RMSAAPG President Michael Vandenberg


Larry Rasmussen, Tom Smith, Lynn Canter, Mark Sonnenfeld, and John Forster, Whiting Oil & Gas, Corporation, Denver, CO for the poster title: Analysis of a Long Cane Creek Horizontal: New Insight into an Unconventional Tight Oil Resource Play, Paradox Basin, Utah


Mike J. Mullen, Halliburton Energy Services, Denver, CO and Milt Enderlin, Gearhart Company, Forth Worth, TX for the poster title: Is that Frac job really breaking new rock?


Donna S. Anderson and co-author Mary M. Carr, both of Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO for poster titled 3-D Architecture of Crevasse Splay and Point-bar Bodies: From Outcrop to Geologic Model


Quentin German, Nichola Sommer, Matthew Pranter, Rex D. Cole: Analysis of Fluvial Sand-Body Characteristics and Dimensions in a High Net-to-Gross System, Upper Williams Fork Formation, Main and Plateau Creek Canyons, Piceance Basin, Colorado

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